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Ruth B. - Dandelions (Audio)

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⁣"Dandelions" is a song by Canadian singer Ruth B., originally released as a promotional single from her 2017 album Safe Haven. The song was re-issued separately in a "slowed + reverb" version in August 2021. The song gained international popularity in 2022 after going viral on TikTok.

Ruth B. described "Dandelions" as "probably the lightest and cutest song" on Safe Haven. She was inspired to write the song after watching an interview with Sia, who suggested choosing a "pretty word" to "write around". Ruth B. saw a dandelion out the window several weeks later and started writing the song, thinking "dandelion" was a "pretty word".

The official lyric video for "Dandelions" is available on Ruth B.'s YouTube channel. The video features the lyrics of the song, allowing listeners to sing along and understand the song's meaning. The lyrics express a deep love and affection, with the singer wishing that the person she loves will be hers forever. The song uses the imagery of dandelions, a common symbol for making wishes, to convey these feelings.

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